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aromatherapy Massage

aromatherapy massages are for customers that are looking to rebalance their mind and body.

Aromatherapy massages has benefits that go beyond the physical care of your body. With the help of essential oils and fragrances, your REVA therapist will be able to improve your state of mind along with your sore muscles. You can expect the following results after a number of aromatherapy massage sessions:

  • Improve your emotional well being
  • Manage stress, anxiety and depression
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Relieve pain in the body

Aromatherapy massages combine the use of essential oils with soft strokes using gentle pressure on your full body. Essential oils are diluted before being applied to the skin.

A typical aromatherapy massage will mainly focus on your back, shoulders, and head. If you are sensitive to smell or oils on your skin then this may not be the best type of massage for you.

Book your Aromatherapy Massage with REVA now and enjoy this ultimate massage luxury in any location of your choice! Our therapists come to you in as little as 60 minutes with a massage bed, linens, candles, music, and oil! Book a 60 minute or 120-minute massage treatment now!

Treat your loved one, friend, or colleague to an unforgettable experience with a REVA Massage! It could be a birthday gift, wedding gift, appreciation gift for a colleague, or simply a gift to yourself! There is never a bad time to get a REVA Massage so book now!

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